Our recycling programmes aim to achieve the highest rate possible of re-usable devices. We are proponents of the 2nd life ideal. Only by doing so can we promote sustainability and prevent devices ending up in illegal landfills. Furthermore, we cooperate with renowned institutions that occupy themselves intensively with the subject of recycling, also to ensure a scientifically accurate basis for our activities in this area.


In our sphere of activity, there are complex national and international legal frameworks for the good of the environment. We align our actions to these premises and only cooperate with partners that we know abide by environmental and waste legislation. TEQPORT itself possesses an approval for mediation within the meaning of section 53 KrWG [Recycling Management and Waste Act].


A significant aspect of our work involves our endeavour to offer our customers the highest possible level of security. This expresses itself in planning security achieved through our experience and prognostic ability, process security thanks to ISO-certified business processes, data protection and data security through similarly certified processes, and the close monitoring and control of our business partners.


TEQPORT offers its customers the highest levels of transparency when it comes to selecting partners and their processes. Inspecting installations together with our customers is an integral component of our daily work. We also offer cooperation models with total transparency right down to the various process steps.


The prerequisite for transparent solutions is having the freedom to make decisions at all levels. TEQPORT is autonomous in the selection of its partners and can thus offer its customers the best possible service, cost optimised.